Cadamuro Costantino
Born on 4th May 1955 in San Donà di Piave
Stage name: "COSTA"
A music lover since childhood, I studied at the Brandolini College in Oderzo, where I inevitably learnt to play the church organ.
In just a few years, under the strict teaching of Don Giovannino, a professor of music and a great organist, I learnt to play the organ.
In the same period I sang in the both the church choir and the Alpine Regiment choir as a boy soprano!
Like all young people, the music I loved best at that time was rock:
Deep Purple, Free, Uriah, Jethro Tull. So I started playing the Hammond organ with groups in open-air dances and clubs in the area.
The 1970s saw the arrival of the disco.
Groups weren’t much in demand any more and, with a notable record collection, built up over the years, I reinvented myself as a D.J.
The following years brought with them the first electronic keyboards with automatic accompaniment, so I rode the successful wave of the piano bar phenomenon.
However, my first love was the church organ and, under the direction of maestro Edoardo Traversa, I played the organ for several years in my parish.
These were the years in which I worked with numerous artists – some famous, some less so.
Today I work in my recording studio and prepare the arrangements for my repertoire.
As I adore music, I really have an all-round repertoire that ranges from classic Italian to foreign hits, from evergreens to revival, jazz and boss nova, ballroom and Latin American, romantic, rock, rhythm and blues, and much more.
I have been recording for several years, first with the legendary cassettes and now on CD, which I give free to anyone who likes listening to my music.
I live in Jesolo.
I’m officially a hotel owner, but I’ve loved music all my life and this passion takes up all the free time I have…and sometimes even that I don’t have!


Cerchi un musicista per una serata d’intrattenimento?
The Original, the Greatest, the Most Unique , the Incomparable, the Uncopyable, the Crooner